The Lone Mountain Anthology
featuring the work of poets from the University of San Francisco's MFA program, with poems by Susan Dyckman, Rebecca Stoddard, Amanda Field, T. Lee Seaton, Karen Phelps, Todd Melicker, Val Witte, Maria Cielo Ludwig, Alexandra Mattraw, T-M Baird, Hannah Maggiora Wallstrum, Marina Garcia-Vasquez, Craig Santos Perez, Jennifer Reimer, and Tiff Dressen
cover art by Jason Buchholz

No. 2 (melody)
(from "Etudes: Kinetic Variations")

It is no

dream what slipped

from my hand:

tiny fires, all


the tiny angels

upwards played virtue

should reason is

surrendered I'm trying


to please a

woman but window

barred covenant exchanged

prickers she found


in her hair

from the wormwood

& mother becomes

graveside a slaughter


she mistook songbirds

& my dream

too fled from


thorns of her

plaything--pledgling moon

is to piety before

me atoned on

the altar whose


childless sprung fruit

granted wilderness we

prayed wolves new

flowers unnoticed and


so distant from

this distance a

sky-blackened harem of

dark angels fleeing.


-Rebecca Stoddard

T-M Baird ('05) hardly ever wears hats, so she hasn't bothered to find a place to hang one. She currently lives in Lancaster, England, where she is a religion student.

Tiff Dressen ('03) is a member of Kelsey Street Press, hosts the Canessa Poetry Reading Series, and works with painter Léone Guyer and poet Jaybird McQueen.

Susanne Dyckman ('03) is the author of Transiting Indigo (Etherdome), Counterweight (Woodland Editions), and equilibrium's form (Shearsman). She hosts the Evelyn Ave. Reading Series in Albany, CA.

Amanda Field's ('05) work appeared in the Summer 2007 Big Ugly Review. Her chapbook of poems, That Year, was published by Etherdome Press.

As a poet and journalist, Marina Garcia-Vasquez ('05) travels between Mexico and the United States, usually writing about cities in the world and their frenetic energy.

Maria Cielo Ludwig ('05) lives in Berkeley, CA where she writes poetry and often takes long walks photographing the flora (and sometimes fauna) of the area.

Alexandra Mattraw's ('06) poems have appeared in Seneca Review, Switchback, and Vibrant Gray. She also writes music reviews for Caught in the Carousel.

Todd Melicker ('04) is an assistant on Five Fingers Review's Woodland Editions project. He lives in Santa Rosa, CA when not commuting to the Bay Area for poetry.

Craig Santos Perez ('06) is a co-founder of Achiote Press.

Karen Boyden Phelps ('07) recently escaped the Bay Area and now writes from Ashland, OR. Her poems have appeared in Scribendi and The Albion Review.

Jennifer Reimer's ('05) work has appeared in Commonweal, Our Stories, Raconteur Review, The Denver Quarterly, and 26. She is a co-founder and editor at Achiote Press.

T. Lee Seaton ('07) was raised in Indiana and worked in the restaurant business for many years. He has taught language arts in a public high school for 15 years.

Rebecca Stoddard's ('06) work has appeared in The Modern Review, New American Writing, Tinfish, etc. Her chapbook 'home?' was published by Noemi Press (2004).

Hannah Maggiora Wallstrum's ('06) work has appeared in Women's Voices and won the Asian American Curriculum Project, Inc. contest.

Valerie Witte's ('06) work has appeared in Southwestern Review and Poetry Midwest.