The Immaculate Autopsy
by Todd Melicker
cover art by Jason Buchholz

from I)

the identifying pin, anatomy the queen
of science, of heaven, the
table for autopsy is clean &
reflective, & recognize our faces in
material, our smiles in skin, in shin
in cut(ting

he puts on his white coat
she is sure of the scales
there is a weight for every
thing & everything is weighed, the earth
in a balance, the heavens meted in
a span

mary shows us her neck, the sorrow-
ful neck of mary. we will be cut
surrounded by a great cloud of
 : if skin was plastic
would we be any closer : pierce the
muscular coat : in(visibl boy : in(
visibl girl. on introducing the finger
to the bottom of the wound
, we

Todd Melicker is a graduate of the MFA in Writing program at the University of San Francisco. His poems have appeared in Switchback, Five Fingers Review, Volt, and the Colorado Review. He currently lives in Santa Rosa, CA.

Jason Buchholz is the art director of Achiote Press. Visit him online at