Speaking Truths: The Poetics of Defining Human Slavery
produced in association with Students & Artists Fighting to End Human Slavery
with poems by Agustín Palacios, Aida F. Santos, Brenda Kwon, Catzie Vilayphonh, Cawa Tran, Chong N. Kim, Christine Stark, Danielle Deadwyler, Elsa Orejudos Valmidiano, Gabriela Erandi Rico, Keelikolani Lee, and Michelle Myers
cover art by Christine Stark

Black China Bride

When I bow my head, curly fried
Black twists – from hip to yellow girl
Wrist – I keep my virgin snug with
Tongues cursed and small, loose yet sharp,
To love his absent shadow, where eyes
Of slant quality do not judge you
Because daddy hides there with the money.

- Danielle Deadwyler

Danielle Deadwyler is a poet/performing artist and primary school teacher from Atlanta, GA. She is a member of the Southwest Atlanta Arts Center Baobab Poetry Collective.

Chong N. Kim is Founder & Executive Director of Minorities and Survivors Improving Empowerment.

Brenda Kwon is a poet, writer, and educator born and raised in Hawai'i. She is the author of Beyond Ke'eaumoku: Koreans, Nationalism, and Local Culture in Hawai'i, co-editor of YOBO: Korean American Writing in Hawai'i, and a highly published poet and author who is a professor in Language Arts at Honolulu Community College.

Keelikolani Lee is an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley and an environmental, feminist, and peace activist.

Michelle Myers and Catzie Vilayphonh are founding members of the spoken word group Yellow Rage which performed on the HBO television series Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry. Available on CD: Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Yellow Rage, Volume 1 and Yellow Rage, Handle With Care, Volume 2.

Agustín Palacios is a UC graduate student. Visit his website at florycanto.net.

Aida Santos is a member of Women Working Together to Stop Violence Against Women (WWTSVAW); the founding member (1989) and current chair of the board of directors of Women's Education, Development, Productivity & Research Organization Inc. (WEDPRO); a member of Claimaints 1081, an organization of human rights victims of martial law; founding member of Sibol; the founder and former member of the board of trustees of Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) - Asia Pacific; a member of several human rights organizations; and an author and poet.

Christine Stark is a writer, artist, and activist of European and American Indian ancestry whose work has been published in numerous anthologies and periodicals. She teaches writing, speech, and humanities at a community college in Minnesota. She is a survivor of prostitution and pornography.

Cawa Tran is currently a graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa pursuing a PhD in Zoology.

Elsa Orejudos Valmidiano holds a BA in Literature from the University of California at San Diego and a JD from Syracuse University. She is a poet, writer, and activist.

Fierce and lovely like a fiery sunrise, Gaby Erandi is a Mexican Indigenous poet, artist, scholar, and activist. She enjoys spending entire summer days at the beach with the younger siblings and sipping Mexican hot chocolate on winter evenings.