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An Achiote Press Fiction Anthology

edited by Jason Buchholz and Jennifer Reimer cover art by Dirk Kortz

Seven new works of short fiction and an unpublished novel excerpt. Featuring the writing of K.M. Soehnlein, Joshua Mohr, Jennifer Coke, Joe Cervelin, Leota Higgins, Jessica Stillman, Ly Vu Hoang, and
Robyn Russell.

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Figures in a Surplus
by Julie Choffel
cover art by Jordan Josafat

In this new collection, Choffel’s sparse poems present images and actions not as extant material, but as nebulous plans and ideas. She wields the subjunctive mood with aplomb, creating branching futures whose possible outcomes wait, just off the page, for cues that will likely never come. In twenty-three poems, some of them no longer than a single line, Choffel encompasses salt, other planets, and the amoebae, zoologists, and skyscrapers that lie in between – a world far too intricate and dense to hold any room for certainty.

-The Eds.

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Her Many Feathered Bones
art by Jessica Serran
poems by Eleanor Johnson

"[This] exchange between image and word values deliberation over excess, inspiring a range of attention that manages winningly to associate a striped sock with a 'centaur’s knee ... moving through space' in the slowest of forms, the frieze. Is this a good thing? I think so, sympathizing as I do with the exhausted tourist caught 'between graphic space and lyrical time' everywhere in life. Compositionally far from the rubble of past or future, Serran and Johnson's combo of acute arrangement and tonic selection exhort the reader to be a reader (with a sense of humor) in the especially peculiar and difficult present."

-Jean Day

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by Alexandra Mattraw
cover photograph by Anna Hallin

In her first chapbook, Alexandra Mattraw maps the remote and forbidding geography of Iceland onto the seemingly casual intimacies of human relationships. Her tightly controlled prose form creates a dialogue between self and other that unfolds against glaciers and icecaps, black seas and fields of flowers. Here emotions that are simultaneously insurmountable and yet achingly small and familiar find purchase, but never resolution, within a rich natural world...

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Chamoru Childhood
edited by Michael Lujan Bevacqua,
Victoria-Lola M. Leon Guerrero,
and Craig Santos Perez

Some of the earliest documented accounts of Ancient Chamoru life state that the poet/storyteller was the most esteemed and respected member of society. The editors of this anthology hope to continue to pay tribute to our storytellers by collecting and publishing poems and stories written by Chamorus in the Mariana Islands and in the Diaspora. This is the first in a series of themed anthologies documenting our experience and celebrating our creativity. The editors solicited poems and stories about childhood from three generations of Chamorus. The anthology is thus organized by author's age, from eldest to youngest.

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Matamai: The VASA In Us
edited by David Ga'oupu Palaita

An anthology of student writing on South Pacific Islander topics, produced in association with the University of Washington.

Currently unavailable to the general public.