Across & Between the Void
with writings by Padcha Tuntha-obas and Alysha Wood
cover photo by David Buchholz

then, seeing and hearing collide and space
seeks actuality – one converses in a most
peculiar manner when disturbance leaves
the ears – there is a voice seen in
imaginary scores

-Padcha Tuntha-obas

Wood's Introduction begins:

A text that negotiates between multiple languages and scripts is a borderland. It is a landscape mapped with intersections, crossroads, and borders raw with constant friction. By coming into contact with another, a language transforms into a political territory cross-pollinated by tourism, exchange, and influence. Such a text may be visibly or invisibly colonized by modes of communication and transmigration, trafficked by many discordant bodies--a battleground to a hegemonic play of voices. By code-switching between one interface and another interface, one tongue and another tongue, one script and another script, such a text may choose to dis-identify from or re-territorialize its performative utterance, speaking and "making speak."

This movement "between" is a process of translation, one that works on and against language rather than in opposition or rejection. By engaging, disengaging, embracing, and resisting, language's ability to shift and adapt is an agency by which its borders are made permeable. Passing and re-identification become strategies of survival, creating a third, transversal, borderland space.

Padcha Tuntha-obas is the author of Trespass (O Books, 2006) and composite.diplomacy. (Tin Fish, 2005). Her work appeared in Bay Poetics, Encyclopedia, Chain and 580 Split. She holds an MFA from Mills College and currently works as a media analyst in her hometown of Bangkok, Thailand.

Alysha Wood is a graduate of Naropa University's MFA Writing & Poetics program and holds an undergraduate degree from Hollins University. A writer, dancer, and performer, Wood's work appears in Galatea Resurrects, Feminist Review, Cliterature, Glimpse Abroad, and "Focus on the Fabulous: Colorado GLBT Voices." Wood currently resides in the bay area and is a contributor to In Dance, a publication of Dancers' Group.

David Buchholz is a northern Californian who likes to take pictures.