Achiote Seeds, Fall 2008
with poems by Hugo García Manríquez, François Luong, Evie Shockley, and Roberto Harrison
cover art by Mary V. Marsh

a matter of balance

it's not a goodbye fuck
unless you both know it.
this is a matter of balance.
if either of you is oblivious,
it's a dangling fuck – as with
syntax – one of you looking
forward to something
that simply isn't coming.

it's not a goodbye fuck
if it's not good. don't name
it – paint love and forever
silently on each other's skin
with amnesiac fingertips.
at its best, it is like having
your favorite meal, savoring
the sweet and salt, knowing

there's ground glass in
every bite. take in greedy
mouthfuls, eating till your
tongue is a beach, a raw,
glittering blanket of sand
with a red and tender ocean
washing toward your
throat's contracting o.

-Evie Shockley

Hugo García Manríquez. Author of two books, No Oscuro Todavia (2005) and Los Materiales (2008). His work has appeared in Mandorla, Damn the Caesars, New American Writing, and others. His translation of William Carlos Williams' poem, Paterson, will be published in Mexico next year.

Originally from Strasbourg, France, François Luong currently lives in San Francisco. Other work of his has appeared or is forthcoming in Cannibal, Parthenon West Review, New American Writing, Mirage #4/Period(ICAL), and elsewhere. He is also working on a translation into English of Chutes, Essais, Trafics by Rémi Froger and into French of Wide Slumber for Lepidopterists by A. Rawlings.

Evie Shockley is the author of A Half-Red Sea (2006) and two chapbooks, 31 words * prose poems (2007) and The Gorgon Goddess (2001). Her poetry and critical pieces appear in numerous journals and anthologies, recently including Foursquare, The Southern Review, No Tell Motel, Ecotone, PMS: poemmemoirstory, The Ringing Ear: Black Poets Lean South, Mixed Blood, Center, and Jacket. She currently serves as co-guest editor (with Cathy Park Hong) of Jubilat. A Cave Canem graduate fellow and recipient of a Hedgebrook residency, Shockley teaches African American literature and creative writing at Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

Roberto Harrison edits Crayon with Andrew Levy and the Bronze Skull Press chapbook series. Two full-length collections of his work appeared in 2006: Counter Daemons (Litmus) and Os (subpress). Elemental Song, a chapbook, also appeared in 2006 through Answer Tag Home Press. Recent work can be found in Chicago Review, Brooklyn Rail, Court Green, War & Peace 3: The Future, Cannot Exist, and string of small machines.